Pledge for Dreambound




We’re at over $100,000 between the website and the kickstarter! 1850 Platinum (~$20 of the Premium Currency) will be given to ALL backers when the game Alpha launches! Remember, all your progress from the Alpha WILL be carried over to the release version of the game, so encourage your friends that are going to play to toss even a dollar for this reward! Platinum can be used in-game to unlock new playable characters, skins, and other additional to-be-announced cosmetic customization content for players.

A new stretch goal of $125,000 will see the implementation of Vanity Minions!  Backer names will be given to minions in game that will be visible when you click directly on a minion.  When a minion with YOUR name possibly spawns in a game you’re in, you will receive a little notification, and that minion will glow as it goes down lane before it starts fighting.  Make sure you click and see your name before it gets farmed!

Terms of these pledges are found inside the product pages.

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